As a transporter you know better than anyone the preciousness of your cargo. To protect your trailer and cargo CTS delivers various locks . Robust and easy to use and a deterrent to thieves.

imageKingpin Lock 2’5″ of 3’5″

The robust CTS kingpin lock resists an exit power of up to 20 tons. The extremely solid Abloy cylinder lock , which is manufactured specifically for CTS , is the basis of this protection . This means that the rubber lock housing is used to protect the cylinder, which can be disassembled for cleaning, lubrication, etc. from the steel casing. 

The changing of locks on behalf of the logistics is of course also possible.

Years of experience in practice are decisive, as with the other unique invented mechanical security of CTS. For construction and transport, both at home and abroad.

Our Abloy locks are both keyed different , keyed alike or as master key locking system available.

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Triangel lock 38/48/55/66 mm

Unique security locks that are clearly tuned to the practice. That also goes for the specially designed triangle lock; the security system for trailers . With the advent of this , developed in-house , security lock thieves can forget unauthorized coupling. Through the eye of the triangle you put a hardened steel pin that is locked by the indestructible Abloy lock. Even in the most intensive tests the lock meets the most demanding requirements

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C.T.S. Doorlock

The doorlocks of C.T.S. are very tough, extremely safe and meets the riquirements of the insurance companies. Doorlock systems IMG_1310 (Large)can be aplied to  the revolving doors of trailers and trucks. A doorlock is avaivable with or without the trusted Assa Abloy PL358N padlock: the same as we apply for many years now in the CTS container- and trailerringlock.

The Abloy padlocks are availeble as keyed-diffrently, keyed-alike or as masterkey system. Also availeble on an existing Assa Abloy number.

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