The CTS® mechanical protections for containers are sturdy locks. Unique in their kind by the high quality materials and easy application. The proven quality is for a number of locks underlined by the SCM certification to the highest standard.

Characteristics of the CTS container locks

  • Demountable

  • SCM approved
  • Galvanized (also available in RAL color on request)
  • Hardened steel ( Rockwell 63)
  • Equipped with ASSA Abloy P.L. 358 padlock
  • Adjustable for almost all types of containers

Container lockContainerslot

The in -house manufactured, high quality CTS® container lock is exceedingly strong and extremely safe. After several intensive tests the lock was found to comply to the high demands of the standard class.

The steel strong container lock is also very efficient when it comes to the use. Simply hook the hardened steel brackets behind the bars of the container / trailer and slide the whole together. The hooks are locked with the unique Abloy padlock which when mounted is protected by the galvanized steel shell. Suitable for all transport and construction containers. The container lock is applied to a rod from 230-380mm.

Our locks are both keyed different , keyed alike or as master key locking system available. Also available on existing Assa Abloy lock numbers.

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containerslot2009Container lock 09

The CTS® container lock 09 is an extra reinforced version of the existing container lock . The new lock easily meets the stringent requirements of SCM / TNO (2009) and is therefore suitable for the heaviest category at the insurance companies.

Extremely strict tested


User friendly

Easily mounted

The application of the container lock 09 is essentially unchanged. The rod distance 240-400mm is slightly wider compared to its predecessor.

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Site LockSite_Lock_containerslot

Especially when it comes to mechanical security locks that are clearly tuned to the practice. Durable and extremely safe. Manufactured in -house, high quality SiteLock is yet another example of this CTS standards. Specially developed for building containers that require constant protection because they stay unattended at night and during the summer holiday.

  • Extremely strict tested
  • robust
  • Easy to use with daily use
  • Easy to assemble

Removing this protection with force is as good as impossible. This lock consists of two parts that fit together when closing the doors and then locked with the unique indestructible ABLOY lock. Applicable to all transport and construction containers.

When multiple locks , or combinations of products are needed a master key is one of the possibilities.

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Container Grendelslot

The C.T.S. Bolt Lock is one of the mechanical safety devices for locking container doors. The bolt lock serves as a container lock and as a seal protection. Applicable on almost all containers for use in the construction industry and for road transport . This bolt lock is suitable as prevention against burglary , since the lock protects against the opening and breaking of the bolt , thus it makes no sense to remove the seal.

The C.T.S. Bolt Lock is a S.C.M. approval, heavy class . The corresponding Abloy PL358 padlock is completely concealed in the housing. The Abloy Locks can be delivered with an individual key, keyed alike or with master key locking system available.

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Skip Container lockHaak Containerslot

The in house developed, high quality CTS hook container lock is extremely strong and secure. The C.T.S. hook container lock more than meets the stringent requirements of SCM / TNO . This C.T.S. Hook container lock ensures that unauthorized persons can not hook up and go. The attachment of the C.T.S. Hook container lock is very efficient. The C.T.S. Hook container lock is locked with the unique Abloy PL358 padlock which when mounted is protected in a galvanized steel shell.

The C.T.S. Hook container lock is suitable for KTK , Domat , Schenk, Trans Lift , Lebur , ACTS, LVC (hook) skips , etc. . Our Abloy locks are keyed different , keyed alike or as master key system available.

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The container locks are some of the many mechanical security products of CTS for construction and transport , both at home and abroad. Other C.T.S. security products include kingpin locks, triangle locks, special cargo door protectors etc.